Lets Build Your Own Online Store With Woocommerce

Lets Build Your Own Online Store With Woocommerce

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Build Your Own Online Store With Woocommerce. Welcome to another WordPress video. This is Jamie from system22.net and web-design-and-tech-tips.com – We’ve had a quite a few questions lately about building ecommerce store sites, or online stores if you will. I’ve actually got several playlists of site builds. They’re all available in my playlist page. This one we’re looking at here is one built with the Divi theme. View this site playlist.

We’ve also got a sales funnel type page, again this one’s using the Divi theme. They’re all available in my playlist if I just move this out of the way. I’ll put the link below the video. It’s my playlist page here, and just go through, you’ll find them all down here amongst all the other ones for Divi and elementor and WordPress, and various different platforms.

The first one the this is the product sales page. We cover all the installs and setups, and things like that. make product videos and setting up the WooCommerce. that’s fairly simple that one. View this playlist.

The next one here’s a computer store that we actually made with the Divi theme. here and again we cover pretty much everything from install setup putting your logo out there doing all the colors on your site importing the products simple products variable products setting up your PayPal testing out your PayPal gateway and installing sales gateways and things like that and we’ve even got privacy policy forms and returns forms on there I believe. View this playlist.

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