Customize Your Blog Read More Button With CSS

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Divi Theme Customize Your Blog Read More Button With CSS. We are going to be using the Divi theme to create some great effects in this series of videos. The Divi theme has some great modules and effects. With a little work you can achieve some great eye-catching effects to enhance the look and user experience of your website.

Today we will be demonstrating how to style your Divi theme blog read more button using some custom CSS code. We are going to use the Divi blog module for this today. One the module is set up to show the desired posts, we will add the read more button. Using the Custom CSS box under the advanced tab, we will write some simple CSS code to change the button from lower case text, into a button that will change color on hover. This is very easy to do and will make the blog post grid look much more interesting.

In this video today, we are going to use a bit of CSS code to style the read more button the way that we want it, so it will better match the rest of the site. Don’t let the CSS coding put you off, it is very easy, and any code I write today I will paste below the video for you to use as you wish. You are welcome to copy the code and paste it into your site, CSS is a great thing to learn, so I encourage you to try out some of your own ideas to get familiar with it. You can’t break your site with CSS, if something doesn’t work simply delete it to return back to how the site was previously.

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