Best Preschool Jakarta: Global Sevilla! Things You Need To Know

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The competitive nature of the world has made early years education one of the most crucial parts of children’s development. It means that picking the best kindergarten and preschool Jakarta should have extra effort in it. Thankfully, Global Sevilla is one of the schools you can pick in Jakarta. To ensure your decision, here are some points to learn about the school even further. 

Curriculum Used On The Young Learner Education 

The first thing worth considering from Global Sevilla is the use of international education standards through curricula. For the younger students, the school pinpoints the importance of interactive, attractive, and supportive education. Thus, the best solution and matching curriculum is IEYC or the international Early Years curriculum. 

IEYC is one of the international syllabi with its scope focusing on students’ learning and development assessment. The students will get more fun, attractive, and interactive study, which helps them feel more engaged in the class. It is of course followed by the fundamental idea of six areas of learning and development. 

The said six areas of learning and development also made the school have its abilities in providing the best education for the Preschool Jakarta students. The curriculum also aids the education body to tailor the fitting learning for the students, thus helping support literacy, numeracy, creativity, understanding of the world, social, and motoric development. 

Learning Focus For The School And Its Students

With the help of IEYC, the school can create a more focused education with clear effects on the students. The process includes providing interactive activities and material, to learn more about personal and character development. It means the school does not only focus on the academic outcome. It is also given with the mindfulness approach, which helps students focus and calm. 

The Programs Availability 

To provide the utmost best for the students, the Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta has five different study programs based on age groups. The programs are toddler, pre-nursery, nursery, and kindergarten 1 and 2. The five groups are meant to charter the best learning, material, and focuses. Thus, the student can enjoy learning and get the best education for their age. 

Global Sevilla as one of the international schools in Jakarta sure has its way of providing the best education. In the case of young learner education, the school provide the best global curriculum, focus on personal development, and has various program to offer. It can showcase the quality of the education body. Don’t miss the offer, check out Global Sevilla for the best children’s education.


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