Modern Interior Architecture of a Beautiful House in Delhi NCR

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Less is more, or what we could comfortably call less is modern since that’s what the philosophy desain rumah of modern architecture and modern interior design is all about. The modern interior architecture boasts sleek lines, an uncluttered feel, a minimalist approach, exquisite use of wood, metal and glass in design, soothing shades, asymmetrical style, and large windows to flush it with natural light. When designing an independent house in the Delhi NCR, the interior designers and decorators of PAIMAISH from New Delhi had a clear idea to make it an epitome of stylishness and fantasy of aesthetics purist. With their clear vision and balancing to give the design elegance with functionality, they built luxurious and modern interior decor. Let’s check out the interior architecture of the independent house that will leave you in awe.

Dominated by the different shades of grey, the popular colour of modern minimalism pops up with an urban jungle taking up an entire double-height wall. A dining room designed in the middle stylishly partitions the formal and informal living space without a wall. The beautiful modern interior of the modern living room builds up an open space, making it feel and look spacious and more extensive. Modern style rugs in shades of grey adorn the grey engineered marble stone tiles, breaking the monotony to make it chic. Golden metal and frosted glass designer partition symbolically define the boundary between the formal living room and the informal space.

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