Multi‑Cloud Empowers neurothink to Make Machine Learning Radically Accessible

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What if you could help map the ocean floor or the surface of a distant planet without ever learning to code? That’s now a real possibility thanks to new machine-learning (ML)—a sister component of artificial Intelligence (AI)—exploration and problem solving innovation from neurothink.

The company is taking review film mainstream by cutting complexity while improving access to powerful computing resources. It’s also simplifying the creation and training of new models and making AI accessible to people without coding experience.

“We like to say that we make machine learning radically accessible,” said Brian Rogers, CEO and founder of neurothink, who launched the company’s ML platform in May 2021.

Overcoming AI/ML Challenges
ML is rapidly becoming a must-have capability in next-generation apps. Yet enterprises eyeing ML for everything from enhanced healthcare to automated transportation to clean energy are running into a familiar roadblock: lack of talent. AI development is costly, and better tools are needed. According to IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index 2022, the top three things hindering successful AI adoption are limited skills, expertise or knowledge (34%), high costs (29%) and the lack of tools or platforms to develop models (25%).

Neurothink is confident it can address all three challenges simultaneously. Its platform, which makes ML accessible to people without coding experience, is finally delivering on the promise of the “democratization of AI” which others have been doing with varying degrees of success.

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